art therapy

Creative expression and art making have existed since the beginning of time. Arts Therapy encourages creativity as a natural human resource which when combined with the therapeutic process allows communication and insight that can go beyond language to assist individuals in a multitude of ways.

No previous art or creative experience is necessary to
participate and benefit.

  • Art Therapy teaches you to connect with and cultivate your creative expression by building a direct relationship with your creativity and the inner resources it offers.
  • It promotes resilience, engagement and confidence building.
  • You can experience healing, insights, growth and understanding on all levels of being (emotional, physical, mental).
  • Art Therapy is beyond language. The metaphors and symbols that appear in your art work can help to give a voice to things that may be difficult to express with words.

The Art Therapy process allows you to;

  • Clarify and better understand your personal challenges.
  • Discover your own personal style of creativity.
  • Experience freedom with your creative expression in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment.
  • Creates an opportunity to source solutions and be supported to make lasting changes as you see things in new and different ways.



I am a qualified and experienced Arts Therapist with a Diploma of Arts Therapy, Bachelor of Visual Arts and an Advanced Diploma of Specialised Kinesiology. I also have a wide range of experience in the fields of Art and Natural Medicine and am a practising artist, writer, poet, musician and parent. Bookmaking is a specialty skill I have developed and use therapeutically as an optional part of the arts therapy offerings.

It has been inspiring and rewarding to work with a wide client group and in diverse environments over my career. Collaborating with creativity is always a unique experience, and finding modes of expression that really suit the situation keep it fresh and inventive.

I am available for individual and group sessions. I also create and facilitate workshops around resilience building, art journaling, life mapping and mindfulness.

Please contact me if you would like to make a booking or find out more.