mapping the inbetween

Exploring the Sacred & Divine Feminine.

Did you ever suspect you know more than you think you do? Or wondered how to relate to your innate bodily wisdom? Or pondered how to enter into a dialogue with your deep knowing? Have you touched upon that doubtless place?

Mapping the Inbetween is a creative process for women and those interested in exploring the sacred feminine; our cycles, our bodies and finding our own pathways and connections to wholeness. It is a friendly (no art experience required) 2D art project: using drawing to make a deeper relationship with an embodied sense of our centre.  It can be used as a journaling  technique or visual framework for exploration.

This is an invitation to express yourself  and connect with the rising feminine, and each other. This form of mapping is designed to recognise the divine feminine within and to open, develop or maintain a visual symbolic conversation with our inner world for deeper living within and out.  It is easy to follow, gentle and unfolding.

For personal use and exploration download the free mapping instructions and start drawing from within….

On a more public scale I have a dream of collaborative artwork made up of women’s petals from all around the world connecting up and forming a growing ‘flower of life‘.  I would love your contribution.  Please join me in visually connecting women from all over the world in this celebration and welcome to the Divine Feminine.


I am really excited to finally launch ‘mapping the inbetween’, after expansions and contractions, workshops and many types of personal maps I am ready to put phase one out there – just a small beginning – the world ‘flower of life’!

I invite you to download the free ‘instructions for mapping’ PDF, familiarise yourself with the technique, and when you are ready make an aspirational map – a map about what you aspire for the feminine: what you wish for you friends, sister’s, mother’s, women of the world.

Email it to me:

or send it via the mapping facebook page:

I will be joining and placing, and hopefully watching this seed grow. It would be fantastic to have you on board, sharing and growing your relationship with the feminine in a very connective creative project. As said this is phase one and for the future I am developing mapping books and an online course to share more complex ways of using these sacred shapes for personal expression, journalling and healing.

standing books

This mapping technique can engage various mediums but the structure remains the same. The ancient shape of vesica pisces, yoni or petal has held many secrets and connections over the eons. Like the safety of the circle that holds all: mandalas – this is enclosed, private and non-invasive. To journey with the symbolic world requires gentleness and patience and can provide another doorway in a lifelong conversation offering newinsights and ways of relating in our inner and outer worlds. This was birthed as a map of healing; a map that gently allows the your unique relationship to build with the Divine Feminine in your time in your way.